Sunday, April 18, 2010

Socialnomics? Pfft! That's old news.

There is this thing called socialnomics going around. Heard of it? It's supposed to increase a company's sales percentage simply by using social networking sites. And the cost of using social netowrking? None. Zip. ZERO.

You'd think that would be great news, right? The company doesn't have to worry about investing in heavy marketing campaigns. Woopee!

Think again.

Although it's great that you can get your company's name out there remember that the competition is tough. If you're a marketer...I'm sorry buddy. Maybe you should try viral marketing?

Since advertising is getting to the point where it can cost nothing, maybe at some point the same thing will happen to some luxury products - like what's happening to music.

And about socialnomics...I just wanted to say that getting your company recognized by using social methods is really old stuff. Most latin countries rely mainly on society to increase a company's popularity (can't speak for all latin countries, just those I've lived in). Technology has simply enhanced the communication.


  1. lool Alex
    I read about viral marketing too, when cliking on your link and I was kindaaaa amused ! lol good job
    Anyay your post is true, people sometimes forget that everything has a cost...

  2. I agree with Marion and how sometimes people forget that everything has a cost.
    And "cost" doesn't just refer to monetary gain or loss anymore. There is a heavier meaning to it these days.

  3. This socionomics might put some great marketers out of business as CEO's might not be interested in their services. All they need is to track the sales by themselves.hmmmm!!!!!!

  4. At the same time marketers still need to implement these marketing/branding/promoting schemes. It's just taking all of the data and feedback that you receive from it and finding a way to put a monetary value on it all.